About our services.

What we do

Technical design and realization of show control, system integration and monitoring.

Where we work

Our work can be found in exhibitions, museums, trade fairs, residences, building management installations and also in vehicles.

How we work

We like to think in as early a stage as possible in order to achieve an optimal result. In order to achieve this result, we manage dealing with hardware and software from known manufacturers, but we can also offer open source solutions and custom (customized) products.


More about our work.

Communication between devices and people grows and will only increase further in the future. Think of fridges that indicate via the internet that products spoil, thermostats that can be controlled via internet and central heating boilers that anticipate weather changes.

Not only where communication between devices is expected, such as AV systems, building management systems and complex networks. More and more devices are connected online, which means that the linking of components is becoming increasingly important.

We have experience with:

  • Control and management of AV systems and the creation of user interfaces for this
  • Management of climate control systems and the user interface for this
  • Control and management of light and its user interface
  • Vehicle tracking and its user interfaces

There are many ways in which devices communicate with the environment. This can be done via underlying hardware connections such as ethernet, serial and onewire.

Our goal is to connect all devices to a network with equipment that can handle the necessary protocols. We also find it important that all devices are easily accessible to the user / manager. Linux and other open source software form a strong basis for this.

Because not all communication is directly accessible from ethernet, in addition to knowledge of protocols and software, we also have the necessary experiences with hardware interfaces that take care of this.

In addition to the technical interfacing, the way in which use and management are made is also important. User interfaces determine the usefulness of a system to a large extent.

Explanation about the cooperative

In our search for how we wanted to realize our cooperation, we came across many business forms. Ultimately, an antique form turned out to fit us best: the cooperative, invented in 1760 in England. Originally it was intended to increase the individual's power, to share the profits and to promote the emancipation of the worker.


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